Giornale di bordo

I like to sketch.  It's a fact.  I have been doodling since before I could write.  I like to travel.  I was sort of born traveling, my first trip was at three months old.  So it would follow that I sketch when I travel.  I think it all started because my mother would keep two little sketch pads in her purse when she traveled, one for herself and one for me.  In her sketch pad she would note anything that caught her interest, but mainly she would sketch interesting fashions that she would later reproduce at home.  I would sit next to her and try to imitate her wonderful skills.

Some years ago I finally treated myself to a "proper sketch journal", I happened to be in Rome, so I walked to Cartoleria Pantheon and bought a leather-bound volume filled with Carta di Amalfi paper.  I have been going back to Cartoleria Pantheon ever since, except for the one time that I cheated and got one from Lilium, which is located in Florence.

Of all the sketchbooks I have owned, my favorite is the little one you see on top-it also happens to be my current one.  It is the perfect size and weight to fit in my purse, while the size of the page still allows me to produce detailed drawings.  The book I purchased at Lillium (the largest one) is a beautiful one, with the strap of leather wrapping itself around the volume and the the lily engraving on the corner, but it is too big to fit in most of my purses, so I reserve for it special, local ocasions.

Sketching on the steps of Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy.

Over the years I have experimented with different kinds of pencils and pens and have come to the conclusion that when traveling or visiting a museum I just can't be bothered with a pencil, and associated trouble of carrying an eraser, a sharpener, and the question of what to do with the shavings (which inevitably end up making a HUGE mess at the bottom of my bag)...Instead, technical ink pens have become my medium of choice to the point that I carry one at all times and I even write with them on non Architecture/Art related situations.

Sketching is one the things I enjoy doing the most, so here I'd like share some samples from my books, some very old, some very new, but all carrying a memory of a wonderfully spent morning or afternoon:

The Parthenon, Athenian Acropolis. 
Athens, Greece.

The Erechtheum, Athenian Acropolis.  Athens Greece.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

Basilica di San Marco, Venice, Italy

Diadúmeno.  Museo del Prado.  Madrid, Spain.

Venus de Milo.  Musee du Louvre.  Paris, France.

John.  En route to Caldonazzo.  Italy.

Venus.  Museum of
Fine Arts, Houston.

Torero.  Sevilla, Spain.

Adam.  Cullen Sculpture Garden.  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Drawings were executed on location.  All images are the Intellectual Property of
Nadia Palacios Lauterbach.



Brinn said...

I think I got a leather wine journal from that shop in Rome! Was there a location just down the street from the Pantheon? Your sketchbooks are all so pretty...mine never match and are usually obnoxious colors.

Nadia Palacios Lauterbach said...

Yes, right next to the Pantheon, it's a great shop!

Aristaeus' Aprentice said...

I think that sketching is a great way to keep vivid memories of those pieces of art that wondered you when you saw them. In the good sense I envy you: First, because you can truly appreciate what we just call "beautiful". And second, because you have the talent to express through your sketches what you felt when you saw them.

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