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This post falls under the category of "beautiful things", I have written it with unapologetic frivolity and a hint of the social pages.  Reader, you are warned...

I have been a fan of "The Pink Carrot" for years, there is something special, bold, and thoughtful about the jewelry she makes that keeps me coming back.  I wear The Pink Carrot almost every day (I have so many of her beautiful pieces!); I also take it with me when I travel, and it seems to have crossed all aspects of my life, personal, professional, and even my "stage persona".  When Cuadro La Tempestad needed jewelry for a promotional photo session, The Pink Carrot graciously sent us trays of Middle Eastern inspired accessories:
Joyce "La Joya" Wilkenfeld, Nadia Palacios Lauterbach, and Eya Tkachenko for
Cuadro La Tempestad.
Captured by Userofreality Photography at Marbella.
Houston, 2009.
The gold filigree earrings she loaned me were so lovely that I ultimately purchased them, and they have since become a constant of my flamenco wardrobe, beautiful enough to be admired, sturdy enough to survive life on stage:

Cuadro La Tempestad performs "Corazón Gitano".
Marisol Monasterio, Guillermo Serpas, Nadia Palacios Lauterbach, Gabriella "La Tempestad", and Eya Tkachenko. 
Captured by Alejandro Almanza at 14 Pews Theatre on March, 2011.

Nadia Palacios Lauterbach for Cuadro La Tempestad's performance of "Corazón Gitano".
Captured by Alejandro Almanza at 14 Pews Theatre on March, 2011.

The Pink Carrot was founded by Amanda Carrasco (nee Pinkston) and her sister and partner Krystyna Carter (nee Pinkston).  The name of the label is a play on words that pays homage to the Pinkston family, the Carrasco family (in particular Amanda's two beautiful daughters), Amanda's favorite color which is pink, and the weight of gold; and it seems that the sisters' dreams in many karats of gold and shades of pink are finally coming true as they have gathered a following of loyal clients and tenure at one of Houston's chicest Home and Lifestyle Boutiques:  The Laura U Collection.

The Laura U Collection is an extension of (University of Texas alumna) Laura Umansky's design studio.  The boutique is full of beautiful furniture, paintings, chandeliers, linens, porcelain, and decorative objects.  The place breathes with a fresh air of femininity and at times whimsy:

Lazy Susan Gold Dot Wire Hanging Lamp.
Roost Co. Butterfly Mobile.
A wire bird's nest decorates an oak table.

The Pink Carrot fits perfectly in this whimsical and creative world of Laura U's.  Amanda's pieces are appealing not just because of their beauty, but because of the  diversity in design and inspirational sources: Amanda, a born and raised Houstonian, has in her a healthy dose of Cherokee ancestry.  She is married to Mexican-American architect Rogelio Carrasco (of Curtis and Windham fame, and whose design for a Regency Style pool pavilion can be seen in the July 2007 issue of Architectural Digest), with whom she has two daughters.  Amanda's designs parallel her little ones, heirs to a rich cultural past; and she often creates her pieces with Siena and Viviana in mind, infusing the jewelry with a bold sense of tribalism:

Copper cuff, patinated and etched.

Turquoise necklace.

Turquoise ring.

Patinated copper necklace, hammered and etched.

The Pink Carrot is a gorgeous girl with innate taste for decoration and fabulously glamorous.  I suspect she inherited her sense of style from her grandmother, who she often quotes, and who bequeathed Amanda much of the antique furniture and jewels with which she adorns her house and herself.  This love of the antique is another facet of The Pink Carrot's unique style; it accounts for the romance, the delicacy, and the fancy seen in many of the pieces; it also accounts for the many early mornings Amanda spends combing through estate sales, where she finds forgotten brooches, earrings, loose beads, and broken necklaces, which she then transforms into something fresh and new! 

Amanda has a love affair with the '20s and this influence extends to the asymmetric stone and crystal necklaces that one would, at first, be inclined to categorized under the tribally inspired jewelry; she mixes this love with her other ones: Victorian and Edwardian pieces combined with 50's glamour and a few skulls left over from her "rebel years".

Influences come together in this quartz necklace.
Amanda Carrasco, co-owner and designer of The Pink Carrot,
wearing her own 20's inspired design, which includes two converted antique brooches.
Filigree beaded necklace.
Etched copper and turquoise earrings.
A couple of weeks ago The Laura U Collection hosted a party to celebrate their recent expansion, and I was delighted to have been invited.  I was even more delighted to see that Amanda was there to promote her label and that all the ladies who work in the studio and the boutique (including Laura Umansky!) were wearing Pink Carrot pieces (I had worn one of my own, as it has come to be expected).  It was lovely to see how complimentary the pieces were to each woman's style, look, age, and personality:
The very talented Laura Umansky wearing her own bespoke Pink Carrot charm necklace.

A detail of Laura Umansly's bespoke charm necklace.

Party guests admire the collection. 
The Pink Carrot sampling at The Laura U Collection.
The much toasted "Victorian Black Lace" necklace.
"Zodiac" necklace.
The absolutely elegant Alyssa Myer-Chavarria, who accented her bold piece with equally bold coral lips!
The Laura U ladies all wearing The Pink Carrot.
The party started at dusk and continued late into the night.  It was great fun and very well attended by people of diverse backgrounds and interests like sculptor Navid Ghedami, fashion boutique owner Aries Milan, and Austin based artist Erin Hood.  When the bubbles stopped flowing, guests were encouraged to go outside where we were greeted with a surprise:  A truck that served the most splendid and delicious ice creams and sorbets!
Amanda with husband Rogelio Carrasco. 
Amanda wears her own design and her grandmother's gold and jet ring.
Amanda and I share a glass of Prosecco, both wearing Pink Carrot necklaces. 
The friendly Ice Cream server from Sweet Ride Food Truck.
Amanda enjoys her coconut sorbet, I have my share of raspberry chocolate ice cream.  Coquette Boutique owner, the casually stylish Aries Milan, is in the background.

Seeing Amanda's designs worn with such joy and elegance by all the ladies at the Laura U Collection confirmed me even more firmly in what I already knew, a Pink Carrot design really is the perfect accessory!

The Pink Carrot also takes commissions, and can be contacted on Facebook for a complete portfolio: 

The Laura U Collection is located in the Montrose area at 1840 Westheimer Road ~ Houston, Texas 77098

To see more pictures visit Dear Polia's Facebook page:

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