Spanish Day

Cihtli Ocampo "La Gallardí" dances to Miguel "El Funi"'s cante.

Ethan "Ezan Miguel" Margolis.

I am so very excited to share this with all of you! 

The Flamenco Foundation of Houston is hosting the second annual Houston Flamenco Festival at the end of April and the visiting artist line up has just been announced.  This year Houston will welcome Ethan Margolis and Cihtli Ocampo of Cuadro Flamenco Arte y Pureza.

Decades long residents of Andalucia (Sevilla and Lebrija to be precise), guitarist Ethan and dancer Cihtli have trained and toured with some of the brightest names and clans of the flamenco world, including the Farruco family, Concha Vargas, "La Macanita", Antonio Moya, Miguel "El Funi", "La Tana", "El Lebrijano", Ines Bacan, the list goes on...Cihtli "La Gallardí" has also been featured in the film "Exils" by Tony Gatliff, and more recently (along with husband Ethan "Ezan Miguel") on the documentary "Spanish Day" by Jeff Katz.  If you are a flamenco aficionado by now you should be extremely impressed.  Ethan and Cihtli currently divide their time between their house in Lebrija and their studio in California, from which they are able to tour the United States, and we are so fortunate to have them visit us.

Accompanying Cihtli and Ethan in this visit is the profound singing of Juan Bacán, brother of renowned singer Inés Bacán of the Pinini gypsy clan, central to the history of flamenco.  Mr. Bacán was born in the Andalucian town of Lebrija, Spain, right in the heart of a gypsy flamenco community where flamenco is a way of expressing feelings and emotions, and where people sing and dance at any opportunity, over the household chores, at the corner bar, at a birthday, a wedding, or even a wake.  Juan Bacán was inmersed in his family's flamenco tradition from a very early age as the older members of his large clan passed on the secret of their art to the younger generations, who in turn would add their own identity to their inherited cultural legacy.  Juan Bacán's voice is enriched with the haunting echo of his aunt, the legendary Fernanda de Utrera and with influences from his cousins Miguel "El Funi" and Juan "el Lebrijano".

Arte y Pureza will conduct workshops on two different flamenco rhythms, the deep and soul wrenching Soleá, and the festive Bulería, and they will perform along with Juan Bacán on Sunday, Aprill 22nd, in what promises to be an evening of sublimely spontaneous and authentic Flamenco.

For more information visit the festivals website: and for a teaser watch the videos below:

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