Birds of a Feather *update*


I have reworked the birds and experimented with some colors. The media are ink pens, prismacolor markers, and prismacolor pencils on vellum. I think the male pheasant looks much better, what do you all think?


I have been commissioned a very interesting project, one that appeals to my artist alter ego, and I wish to share it with you as it evolves. My clients have asked for a painting which later will be transformed into a mosaic and installed at their house in Colorado. The clients want a bucolic scene, and they have four children whom they wish to include in the composition. Here's the preliminary sketch:

I have to admit that this is my first time drawing birds, and on closer inspection I think the male pheasant needs some work...

All images are the intellectual property of Nadia Palacios Lauterbach.


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Brinn said...

I like where it's heading! You may look at how the water feature terminates on the sides, as it looks like it is floating in space a bit. Comparatively I prefer the first composition without the lake, but you may be able to make the second iteration more of a perspective to incorporate the water. Otherwise it seems to be a flat scene in the foreground with the birds and a more 3D scene in the background, and they are competing slightly. Looking forward to the final product!

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