Dear Santa...

In the spirit of the Holiday Season I have decided to make a top 5 list of gifts for that special architect in your life:

5. For those of us who practice the dying art of hand drawing: A French Industrial Drafting desk and chair from Négrel Antiques in Austin, TX.

drafting desk

4. And while we are in the topic of hand drawing, how about a sketchbook?  Leather-bound and filled with handmade "Carta di Amalfi" paper, these journals from Cartoleria il Pantheon in Rome, Italy are the only way to draw!


3. For the Apple fanatic:  Haydeé Callejas iPad case, gorgeously made in genuine Alligator skin, and dyed in "Emerald", 2013's color of the year.  Available at Mon Venin
2. To capture of all of those special "Architectural Tourism" moments: Nikon D7000 DSLR camera. from Nikon

1. And finally, a dream gift for the home: Timothy Richards' limited edition plaster model of the "Temple of the Four Winds". 


Terry said...

I'm all for that architecture tourist camera thing. Hey Santa, over here.

pranogajec said...

Please, numbers 5 and 1!

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