Birds of a Feather *Final Results*

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and 2013 is off to a great and productive start.  Speaking of productivity, I want to share with you the installation images of a mosaic project which was based on one of my drawings. 
If you all remember, last summer I was commissioned to design a bucolic scene of pheasants for the kitchen of a Colorado residence.  The final design depicts two adult birds, male and female, and four chicks, to represent the two homeowners and their children.  Below are the images of the finished kitchen with its mosaic in place.  The interior design was created by Terri Thibodeaux of LADCO Resort Design Group.

And just in case you have forgotten, here is an image of my original drawing:
Images courtesy of LADCO Resort Design Group.  Drawing by Nadia Palacios Lauterbach.

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