From Russia with love

It's cold in Houston, really cold (38 degrees kind of cold!), and what a better way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon than to wander the halls of the Museum of Natural Science.  The Museum has been recently renovated and new exhibits have been added; there is an expanded dinosaur hall and a wonderful Egyptian room (dark, cavernous, and full of treasures).  There are also several traveling exhibits: the Cave Paintings at Lascaux (which earlier this year I saw at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and I greatly recommend), Gemstone Carvings, and Faberge: A Brilliant Vision. 
I found the Faberge exhibit terribly appropriate for this time of year, a whole portion of it is dedicated to work that Faberge created for the Nobel brothers (as in Nobel prize Nobel) and which contains gorgeous diamond pieces in the shape of snow flakes.

There were also several cigarette cases and "presentation" boxes depicting beautiful scenes of Father Christmas and Old Man Winter (again, very appropriate!)

And of course, also included in the exhibit, the famous eggs and many, many sparkling beauties! 


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