Heights Living: In the Closet

Master Bedroom in The Heights, Houston.
The craftsman bungalows that make up our Houston neighborhood are lovely and tiny, averaging around 1200 sq ft.  Our 2 bed & 1 bath 1926 house is a particularly small one, measuring just under 1000 sq ft and lacking in significant closet space.  When you live in The Heights you learn to be frugal and keep clutter to a minimum, but our 24 inch wide sad excuse for a master closet was more than this fashion lover could handle. 
The master bedroom "before".

I solved our storage problem by adding cabinets on either side of the front window to our bedroom. Each cabinet measures 36 inches in width, 25 inches in depth and I outfitted them with double rods and a shelf, which bought us each 6 feet of hanging plus 36 inches of permanent storage.  That is 18 feet of storage in a very small space! I hung barn doors to close the cabinets without using up our limited floor space, and to double as shutters at night, to block out the light coming in from the street.  Finally, I designed a bench in front of the window to use the space under it for shoe and accessories storage.  

We furnished the room with an iron bed from Crate & Barrel, an Italian Art Deco antique chest, his and hers french 19th century nightstands (a flowery Louis XIV style for me and a linear Louis XVI for John), vintage crystal lamps, a custom made bench cushion, Barbara Barry linens, a 19th century architectural print, a painting by John Slaby, and personal mementos.

Below is the finished product:
Closet and bench

The infamous 24 inch original "master closet".

The antique chest and print.

A painting by John Slaby and a vintage chair.

Efficient storage.

My Louis XIV style nightstand

John's Louis XVI style nightstand


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