Heights Living: Before & After

 Before and After: Master Bathroom in The Heights, Houston.

Recently I was asked by a couple to remodel the master bathroom of their Houston Heights townhouse.  The bathroom was small and dark, poorly planned, and lacking on space to accommodate two people, but the biggest problem was that we couldn't make it any bigger, so my challenge was  to create the illusion of space by carefully arranging the fixtures and fittings.


Floor Plans.  

The homeowners wanted a big shower and a double vanity, so I relocated the toilet, eliminated the bathtub and replaced it with an ample double shower.  The new arrangement gave me just enough space for a double vanity, which was purchased from Restoration Hardware.  To give the illusion of more space I also relocated the door the bathroom directly across from the vanity and replaced the small swing door with a wider barn door that would not obstruct the furniture in the bedroom.  With the barn door open the 5 foot wide bath now feels much more spacious.  To make the bathroom brighter I added two small windows in the shower and made the wall of the shower a glass partition. I trimmed the vanity area with wood paneling for a tailored look and chose white paint and white surfaces to reflect the light coming from the windows.




Happy New Year!

HAPPY 2016!!!


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